DDoSecrets, the Right and the Environment

There is an assumption that DDoSecrets is conducting itself illegally, but this is an incorrect assumption based on faulty premises.

When the Right is confronted with an incorrect assumption, it doesn't check it's premises, it double downs on the assumption and supports the assumption with a conspiracy theory—-a substitute for valid premises and conspiracy theories are a substitute for education and good decision making.

It is not illegal to host leaked and hacked data found on the Internet, it's a Constitutionally protected activity, and until a closer relationship can be made between DDoSecrets and the hackers/leakers, then DDoSecrets remain a legal activity.

The Right hates this of course, and they should, DDoSecrets is part of the enemy Order of Battle. But DDoSecrets and others continue to win because they evaluate their environment objectively and form valid hypothesis and premises about the environment from this evaluation. The Left has superior situation awareness in most domains because of this.

This isn't the entire Left, but professional groups like DDoSecrets are certainly there and evidence operational sophistication.

The Right has no idea what I'm writing here. The Right cannot describe it's environment and it's effects let alone use that information to further it's objectives, if it had any objectives at all.

The Right isn't a movement, it has no sense of solidarity. Eric Striker makes an assumption that DDoSecrets is the group that hacks Rightest sites, rather than it's a group that acts in (legal) solidarity with any group that hacks Rightest websites and provides hosting for hacked/leaked data. There is no evidence that DDoSecrets is conducting the hacking, but there is evidence that DDoSecrets hosts hacked data.

Striker posits an idea the U.S. government acts in collusion with the hackers since GiveSendGo was hacked right after the Canadian government prohibited truckers from receiving donations, it does not consider that an hactivist group conducted an operation anonymously and autonomously, in solidarity with other Leftists.

It's like the Right can only see vague Leftist/government conspiracies instead of a well organized network of activists acting in solidarity with one another, sometimes anonymously. The Right can only see these conspiracy theories because “well organized network” is outside of it's perceptual envelope, therefore the Right substitutes fact for conspiracy in an attempt to characterize it's environment.

This is a fatal condition in the long-run. Animals and organizations that cannot correctly evaluate their environment and make correct decisions based on that evaluation will not survive.